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How can workers’ comp help me return to work?

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

Getting hurt at your job could keep you from earning a living for a while, so you probably wonder when you can get back to work. The good news is that the California workers’ compensation system can assist you in resuming your employment as quickly as possible.

However, the state workers’ comp system should also not rush you back to your job if you are not in healthy enough condition to be working.

Determining your work abilities

Following your injury, you will consult with individuals who will help decide when and how you can go back to work. These people include your main treating doctor, the claims administrator and your supervisors at your workplace.

Communication among these individuals will help figure out what kind of work you can handle. Your doctor should examine you to determine your physical capacities, and your employer should work out possible accommodations given your condition.

Working restrictions

It is possible you can resume the duties you held before your injury with no problems. However, your doctor may also find you can only work safely with some restrictions. You might just require a back brace or a headset, but you can handle your job otherwise.

If you cannot work at your previous capacity, your employer will have to alter your work schedule, equipment or other aspects of your work situation. You might even need different work assignments if it is not possible to conduct your previous work duties.

Your rights through the process

Your health is your top priority. You should not take work that does not comply with whatever restrictions your doctor imposes on your work duties. Any attempt by your employer to force you to work in spite of your restrictions could violate anti-discrimination laws. Also, you must receive temporary total disability benefits from the claims administrator in the event you still cannot work at all.

The state workers’ comp system should work toward a positive outcome for you. With a good understanding of how to return to work while healing properly, you may successfully navigate the road back to employment.