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How can electrocution happen at a workplace?

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

Electrocution may not be the first type of accident people envision when thinking about the workplace. However, this injury happens in many businesses and warehouses throughout the country.

Understanding how electrocution occurs is important for employees if they want to seek fair compensation for their injuries.

Broken electrical tools

One reason for electrocution at work is the use of unsafe electrical tools. Workers could face danger due to damaged cords and worn-out wires. When those in charge do not regularly check or fix electrical tools, employees might get a shock when they touch these items.

Bad wiring and installation

Sometimes, electrocution happens because the wiring or setting up of an electrical system is not done correctly. If there is an overloaded circuit or bad grounding, accidents can happen. Employers need to make sure all electrical work follows safety rules.

Live wires

A shock can also happen when a worker touches parts that still have electricity running through them. This includes active machines or wires that stick out.

Even a quick touch can give workers a big shock if a workplace offers no protective gear. Employers must provide gear, such as gloves, to prevent workers from getting shocked.

Environmental dangers

Environmental factors can also contribute to the risk of electrocution in the workplace. Wet or damp conditions, conductive materials and exposure to outdoor electrical hazards increase the chance of a shock.

Electrical trauma can greatly harm a worker’s health and lead to struggles with everyday activities. Employers have a responsibility to create a workplace where no one fears electrocution.