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What evidence do you need to prove age discrimination?

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2023 | Employment Law

In California, some workers face unfair treatment at work because of their age. This happens often, and it can be hard for people dealing with it to figure out what to do.

To make a strong case against age discrimination, it is important that you gather strong evidence.

Recording unfair comments and actions

First, write down any comments or unfair things that happen to you at work because of your age. This could occur when people say things about how old you are or treat you differently because of your age. Keep track of when and where these things happen to maintain detailed records.

Collecting work records and evaluations

It is also important to get your work records and evaluations. These papers show how well you do your job. Look for things that might show that you are not receiving fair treatment because of your age.

Identifying witnesses

Talk to your coworkers who might have seen you experience age discrimination at work. Their stories can help prove that age discrimination is occurring, adding credibility to your case.

Using comparisons

Comparative evidence involves showing how younger employees receive preferential treatment. Employees in different age groups may have differing experiences. Collecting information on these differing experiences can provide compelling evidence of age-based disparities.

According to CNBC, 78% of older adults say they’ve faced age discrimination at some point during the employment or application processes. By making these efforts to gather evidence, you can strengthen your argument and build a better case for age discrimination.