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3 common hospitality industry work injuries

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

The hospitality industry, which includes food service, hotel employees and housekeeping staff, has its dangers that can pose a risk of injury to almost any employee.

According to Modern Restaurant Management, In 2017, more than 400,000 hospitality employees suffered injuries that caused missed work days, with many of these incidents resulting in more than seven days away from work for injured individuals. While hospitality workers may experience a variety of injuries, a few common incidents occur across the industry that can affect their health.

1. Trips and falls

Employees who work in hotels often become injured during trip-and-fall incidents. Sprains, back injuries and head trauma may all occur, with an increased risk of more serious injuries from falling on a hard surface, such as falling on tile or concrete. Curled rug corners, exposed cables and clutter near workstations can cause these incidents.

2. Lifting and carrying

Hospitality workers often get injured while lifting and carrying items like furniture, lobby items and boxes containing items needed for hotel kitchens. Most injuries of this type involve the back and legs. Employee training and education regarding how to lift heavy items properly can prevent lifting and carrying injuries.

3. Falling objects

Items that fall from shelves or from carts in motion can cause head and soft tissue injuries that may leave bruises and lingering pain as the result of a heavy blow. Stacking height limits and increased employee awareness of this type of injury may help reduce such incidents.

Employers can curb most on-the-job injuries in the hospitality field with increased employee training and safety programs that involve the entire staff.