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Common injuries suffered by EMTs

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Emergency Medical Technicians, known as EMTs, assess patients for injuries and diseases and provide care in life-threatening situations.

An EMT’s job is stressful and physically demanding and can put them in dangerous or precarious situations. While an EMT’s job is to help others, there are a number of injuries that are common for people who perform this important job.

Common injuries

The job of an EMT is very physical. They must lift and maneuver patients of all shapes and sizes. They must also lift and move equipment needed to perform their job. Overuse injuries and injuries caused by overexertion, such as strains, sprains and stress fractures, are common for EMTs because of the physical nature of their work. Slips, trips and falls as they treat patients in unexpected situations also cause injuries.

Causes of injuries

In addition to injuries suffered in the process of treating patients, EMTs can also suffer injuries through violence from patients. EMTs may also suffer injuries in motor vehicle collisions as they travel to and from accident sites. The equipment used by EMTs can cause injuries if not handled and used properly. EMTs routinely walk into unknown situations and face unexpected hazards that can cause injuries.

In addition to injuries, EMTs also run the risk of contracting serious illnesses. In the course of work and treating patients in emergency situations, EMTs may encounter a patient with an infectious disease or risk exposure to a hazardous chemical substance. EMTs routinely put themselves in dangerous situations to help others.