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Laura Rosenthal Discusses Workers Compensation in Sonoma County

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2021 | Latest News

Hospitality, and of course, the winery business, are two of the most prominent industries in Sonoma County. They also are two of the areas where workers get injured and need compassionate legal representation from an attorney like Laura Rosenthal.

Laura has been defending workers compensation rights in Sonoma County since 2013. She recently spoke to a writer from about what she does to make sure the injured worker in Sonoma County receives all the benefits they’re due.

“Most people going through a workers comp claim are injured and stressed while getting these piles of paper that they can’t make sense of,” Rosenthal said. “Having a workers comp attorney who’s experienced and good at their job means you’ve got an advocate who can make sense of all the paperwork, who’s going to file for hearings, who will fight to get you all the benefits you deserve so you can focus on getting better.”

Laura discusses signs that indicate a case needs help from an attorney; what a workers compensation attorney specifically does to get a favorable outcome; and why it’s worth having an attorney on your side in worker comp claim.

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